I use SEEK. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it? COMING SOON!

SEEK integrates with Greenhouse by adding a button on job posts that allows candidates to pre-fill information from their SEEK profile directly into your job application.


To enable the integration...

  1. First contact your SEEK Account Manager to discuss this solution. The integration must be enabled in both SEEK and Greenhouse to function properly.

  2. In Greenhouse, navigate to Configure > Job Board > Edit, enter your SEEK ID, and save.
  3. When editing external job posts on this board, a new option will appear that allows user to choose whether the "Apply with SEEK" button should appear. This can also be enabled or disabled via External Job Post bulk actions.
  4. When creating new SEEK ads, make sure to use a tracking link so any candidates who apply will be properly sourced.

To create a tracking link for a specific job:

  • Click the Configure tab
  • Click [Tracking Link] underneath the title of your external Job Board
  • In the resulting pop up window specify:
    • Who gets credit (this will be the user from your GH account who is attributed to each candidate, most users specify None when creating this link for Built In)
    • and the Source (SEEK)
    • NOTE: If you don't see "SEEK" in the list of options for a Source, you will want to create that source on the Configure>Custom Options>Sources page by clicking "Create New Source" button.
  • Click Create Link
  • Copy the link and include it in your SEEK job ad.



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