Candidates are showing up under the incorrect stage


When filtering for a specific stage on the Candidates Tab, I sometimes notice that candidates are being displayed here who are no longer in that specific stage.  What is causing these candidates to still appear here?


If you are filtering for candidates in a certain stage on the Candidates Tab, and candidates that are not currently in that stage are being displayed, it is likely that this issue is being caused by a bit of a syncing delay, causing some out of date data to be displayed here.  This issue may also cause additional data discrepancies to be seen on the Candidates Tab or within the Application Review tool.

Our team is actively working on improvements to ensure that the data is consistently synced, however if you are currently seeing an example where incorrect candidates are being displayed when filtering on the Candidates Tab, please open a ticket with our team.  Please include the discrepancy you are seeing as well as a link to the page where this issue is being seen.

This will allow our Solutions Engineering team to take a further look at this example, help make any syncing corrections, and have a better idea of what caused this behavior so they can work towards improvements in how this data is synced.


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Author: [Jodi Freeman]
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