I use HireRight. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

Greenhouse now has integrated support for background screenings through HireRight. With an integration enabled, you'll be able to initiate orders for background screenings, check the status of orders, and view screening results right within Greenhouse. 

Enabling the Integration

To implement the integration, contact your HireRight account manager and provide them with the list of users (including their email addresses) who will be using HireRight within Greenhouse. 

Once HireRight has confirmed your organization is ready to move forward, they will provide Greenhouse the necessary credentials we need to turn on the integration on our end. Once we receive and enter this information, the Private tab on the candidate profile page will contain an Export To HireRight button where you can initiate orders for background screenings, check the status of existing orders, and view background screening results.

Initiating an Order for a Background Screening

Step 1.  At any time, navigate to the Private tab on a candidate's profile page.  To initiate an order, select the package you wish to use and click the Export to HireRight button, and Greenhouse will send over the first and last name of the candidate as well as the candidate's email address and phone number.

Step 2. Click HireRight Report, which will automatically redirect you to the Background Request in HireRight where you can proceed with completing and submitting the order.  The status of the order will be visible under the Background Check section of the Private tab in Greenhouse.





Step 3. Once the screening has been completed, view the Status field under the Background Check section on the Private tab. You may also click HireRight Report to view more details.


If you happen to run into any errors, feel free to contact HireRight support by referencing the attached PDF.


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    Stephanie Sibley

    Is there a cost associated with this integration?

  • Avatar
    Jeffrey Swartwout

    Hi Stephanie,

    Yes, there is. I recommend you reach out to the HireRight team for additional pricing information!


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