Greenhouse Onboarding: Settings

As an Admin or Super Admin you will be able to access Settings. Under: Admin > Settings Overview you can control who has permission to edit content, and set basic defaults for your account. 


To access Settings select Admin > Settings.

Settings Overview


  • Features & Access:
    • Send Email Alerts: If checked, employees will receive emails from Greenhouse Onboarding about any assigned tasks, new employees, etc. To review all the emails that are sent out by Greenhouse Onboarding go here
    • Send weekly new hire welcome emails: This controls when the email that introduces your new hires to company, will go out. 
    • Company Page Edit Permissions: This will control who can edit your Company Page, Team Pages, and Pages
  • Information & Customization:
    • Company Name: This will be used as the name of your Company through out Greenhouse Onboarding.
    • Company Founding Date: Will be used as a starting date for employee growth and as a starting date for your company timeline. 
    • Primary Brand Color: Enter the Hex value of what your brand color is. This will control the color of the buttons in any Greenhouse Onboarding emails, and the banner in Greenhouse Onboarding. 
    • Company Icon: This will appear in the upper left hand corner throughout the app. 
    • Company Photo: This will appear in the New Hire Onboarding Experience, and on the Company Page
    • Logo: This will appear on the landing page of your New Hire Onboarding Experience



Under Documents you can upload images for your Photo Gallery, or add in documents you want to link to from a Page.  


eSig Docs

Greenhouse Onboarding will automatically provide I-9 and W-4 templates. If there are any additional templates you need uploaded (employee handbook signature, sexual harassment policy signature, etc.), please reach out to Customer Success and we will load the forms into your account for you. 

To learn how to collect E-Signature docs, go here

To learn how build E-Signature Packets, go here



Learn about Teams go here



Learn how to organize and make Templates for your onboarding and offboarding process here



Learn how to customize what fields your employees can fill out on their profiles here



Control who can access and manage Greenhouse Onboarding here



Learn about the different systems Greenhouse Onboarding integrates with, and how you can request an integration. 


Next Steps: Now that you've set up your account, control who has access to it by setting up Permissions

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