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Props are a way for employees to publicly interact with each other on Greenhouse Onboarding. 



Props can be created by any employee in Greenhouse Onboarding, and are made by going to an employee's profile. 

  • To create a Prop go to an employees Profile > Props > New. 
  • In the field type in the Prop you would like to give the employee
  • Select Save.

The Prop will now appear on your profile, the employee's profile, and the Home page of Greenhouse Onboarding. 






The author of a prop, or the Admin of an account can delete a prop by selecting the red x next to the prop. If you have the ability to delete a prop, the red x will appear wherever the prop appears (on the Home page, an on the receiver and giver's profiles). 

Deleting a prop will not prevent the email notification from going out. 


What Should I Give Props for? 

Props can be given for anything, and employees should be encouraged to post Props for any number of reasons. Everything from someone doing their dishes, someone helping set up for an All Hands meeting, someone closing a huge deal, or someone going the extra mile on a project. 

Props should also be encouraged by sharing them at company All Hand's meetings, and can be referenced when reviewing an employee for their annual review. 


Welcome Emails

When new employees are introduced in the Welcome Email, current employees will have the option to give the new employee Props by selecting the Say Hello link in the email. 


Slack Integration

Props can be pushed to the Slack channel of your choosing with the Slack integration. Props will be pushed to Slack in real time, and will be attributed to the employee that created the Prop and the employee that received the Prop. 

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