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On the People page you can see all current employees' names and profile photos, as well as an Org chart detailing your organizations department and reporting system. 

To access the People page select the People link at the top of the page. 

Grid View

You will land on the Grid view when you select People. On the Grid view of People you will see the employee's profile photo as well as their first and last name. You can sort this view by Name, Title, Location, Department and Start Date.


List View

To see the List view select the middle icon at the top of the People page. The List view will show smaller profile images, the employee's first and last name, and the employee's title. You can sort this view by Name, Title, Location, Department and Start Date.

Org Chart 

To view the Org chart select the last icon on the top of the People page. The Org Chart is built through the series of manager and report relationships that have been built into Greenhouse Onboarding.

The Org Chart can be read from left to right. The furthest left person will be the highest ranked employee at your organization. You can select each employee's name, and if they have any reports, the Org Chart will expand to display the list of reports under the manager.

To scroll through the chart, hover over an employee photo until you see cross-hairs, and then drag the chart. You can also search for a specific person on the chart. Any matches will be highlighed on the chart. 

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