Greenhouse Onboarding: Offboarding Employees

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The Offboarding Workflow will allow you to change an employee from Active to Terminated in Greenhouse Onboarding, and allow you to assign an offboarding template. You can then track their offboarding progress in the Workflow Dashboard. 

  1. To Offboard an employee go to Settings > Offboard. 
  2. Select the employee from the drop down list of names. 
  3. Set their Termination date. 
  4. Select the Offboarding template you would like to assign to them.
  5. Select Terminate employee.

Please note: The employee will only be notified of the offboarding workflow if they are assigned a task on the template. If there are no tasks assigned to them, they will not receive notification that the offboarding workflow has been kicked off. 


You will be taken to the employees Profile where you see the Offboarding template and tasks you assigned to the employee. 

On the termination date the employee will be marked as terminated, will no longer have access to Greenhouse Onboarding, and will only be visible to Super Admins. 

Next Steps: Keep up with the progress of the Offboarding workflow by tracking it on the Offboarding Dashboard


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