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Posts can be made by any employee from the Home page of Greenhouse Onboarding, and will be visible to all employees. Posts can take the place of all staff emails. 


Create a Post

To create a Post go to Home > Posts > New.

Message: Type in your posts text. 

Link: Enter a link to an outside website, or a page within Greenhouse Onboarding. The link will open in a new tab. You do not need to enter http://www in your url, for example you would only have to enter and the post will link to Google. 

Expiration date: By default the expiration date will be set for 7 days. Use the sliding bar to set the expiration date for the post. Once the post expires it will no longer appear on the Home page of Greenhouse Onboarding. Expiration dates will help keep the posts on your Home page relevant. 


What should I post? 

Super Admins/Admins - Post anything that would normally be communicated through an all staff email. It could be the agenda for the All Hands meeting, the menu for lunch for the week or the day, new company policies that are going into affect, or reminders about upcoming Holidays. 

Employees - Educate your employees that Posts can replace the All Staff email, and help lighten the influx of emails. Posts can be anything that would normally be communicated through an all staff email. If you have a charity that you want people to donate to, or are going to be taking Girl Scout Cookie orders for the week, or if you just have an interesting article that you think will be relevant to the company as a whole, share it on Greenhouse Onboarding. 


Slack Integration

Making it even easier to eliminate the All Staff email, Posts can be pushed to the Slack channel of your choosing through the Slack integration. Posts will be pushed in real time, so as soon as an employee or Admin posts it will get pushed to the channel. The post in Slack will be attributed to the employee that created the Post on Greenhouse Onboarding. 

If you have questions about setting up the Slack integration, please review our article on it here or reach out to Customer Success. 

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